Working with Children

Rolf SI has profound results for children, who are resilient by nature.  First, a child does not need to have a challenge to come in for a session!  Parents who are clients often decide to share the benefits that they are experiencing with their families.

When babies or older children have chronic pain, illness or any noticeable dysfunction, we believe that fascial restriction may be a contributing factor.  As parents, we understand how to allow each family to form the ideas, beliefs and conditions to create a positive step toward healing with the least amount of intervention possible.  We are happy to be a holistic resource during a session with your child.


We have successfully worked with children with these concerns:


Shape recovery from position in the womb

Attention span issue and hyper-activity

Torticollis or wry neck

Orthopedic problems

Scoliosis or spinal torsion

Birthing injuries

Head trauma

Genetic disorders, Trisomy 13 Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Neurological conditions

Movement disorders or delayed development

Digestive disorders


Rolf Structural Integration, which balances a child within the field of gravity, gives a child a new path to “gowing up”.  The same forces that help a child achieve his/her full potential are inherent in finding comfortable uprightness and fluid strength in a body.  Most healthy children appear to outgrow fascial restrictions causing deformities as they become increasingly mobile through the work.  This is something we can discuss in an initial appointment.   However, even if fascial shortening has a profound impact on movement and posture, gentle encouragement through sensitive bodywork can exponentially increase a child’s personal expression.




Child Developmental Movement

Infant Handling Skills

Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology

Gut and Psychology/ Microbiome