The Work

Structural Integration (SI) is the life’s work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979). It aims to establish better form and function of the human body by aligning the major body segments into a more perpendicular relationship with the earth’s gravity field.

Rolf Structural Integration Work - before and afterPractitioners use handwork and client movement to give space and length in the connective tissues (fascia) of the whole body. Unlike passive adjustments, SI is a cooperative practice and client participation is essential for the work to reach its fullest potential.

For most people, the process begins with a “Basic Ten Series”. Dr. Rolf’s principles of re-alignment are organized into Ten Sessions or “hours” that restore holistic structural balance. It is important to remember that because no two people are alike, no Basic Ten Series is alike. Structural Integration is a craft of applying these principles to meet the goals, concerns, and desires of the individual.

In 1920, Dr. Rolf earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. For twelve years she worked at the Rockefeller Institute in the Chemotherapy and Organic Chemistry departments.

In the 1930’s, challenged by a friends disabilities and the lack of available help, Dr. Rolf explored Osteopathy, chiropractic medicine, Tantric Yoga, the Alexander Technique, Homeopathic medicine and Korzybski’s work on consciousness. She also earned a degree in mathematics in Zurich. By the 1940’s she had experienced many breakthroughs with the work she did with chronically disabled persons who were unable to fine help elsewhere.

During her scientific research she made a fundamental discovery about the human body: the network of connective tissue which contains and links the muscle system when we are healthy can change as we age and contribute to bad posture and inhibited function, and this system can be rearranged to a more proper order in the gravity field.

While SI is primarily concerned with the physical changes in the body, it affects the whole person. We are made up of emotions, attitudes, belief systems and behavior patterns as well as the physical being. All are related. When the physical structure is aligned, it allows the individual to access their potential, to realize their goals and aspirations.



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